The 🚣 Valentine❤

The sequel art by TrufleTinker

She loves it! The rides. So did he.She trusted him,one and only him.The rides begun.The rides brought them closer. 

    The times they spent riding,became their transcendence: FRIENDSHIP –> LOVE. Which they were unaware of.

             ”  Friendship was their choice .

 Falling in love was how destiny played with their feelings.  “

  Quote Courtesy:innervoice by wittyfeed.

The rides led to the beach,she taught him swimming .(not in the beach though😉😛).The swimming classes became their funtimes.

On fine day,they call it ” Bus stop day ” .

    ‘ Will you be mine?! ‘ He blurted ; fluttered the butterfly ‘I have always been yours

She became his; so as him.Him and her together;their life as colourful as never😍😇


         Happy Valentine’s Day💟



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